No nonsense HubSpot lead reporting.

ArcBright generates custom HubSpot lead reports, based on YOUR contact properties, in seconds.

Start saving time by automatically generating email reports.

Structure any existing HubSpot list as an email report.

Simply configure which list to use, the sending interval and the recipient list.

Custom Properties

Based on any HubSpot list in your account. Simply configure the list you want in HubSpot, then head over to ArcBright.

Sales Enablement

Configure daily email reports so inside and outside sales knows the latest engagement from marketing activities.

Unlimited Use

Configure as many reports and recipients as you need to get the job done.

For Marketers

Take the pain out of reporting. ArcBright allows marketers to set and forget email reporting based on their custom contact properties. Create as many reports as you want to send at whatever frequency you want.

ArcBright for Marketers
ArcBright for Sales Teams

For Sales Teams

Hassle free inbound lead reports. Configure custom reports at your desired intervals, so the entire team is in the know when it comes to marketing activities.

For Agencies

Agencies rejoice! Don’t just prove your worth at end of the month reporting cycles, send daily lead activity to ALL of your clients whenever you choose.

Coming soon!

Send contacts from any HubSpot list as an email to whomever you want, whenever you want.

“With ArcBright I can send daily lead lists to each of our field sales reps by state. This tool saves me many hours each week. I am a happy customer.”

— Sean McDonald

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